Florida Nature Program

The beauty of Florida is unique and wonderful. In the near future our children will either praise us for the mindful conservation of our wild lands, or blame us for squandering them away. Tomorrow's children deserve to have beautiful wild places to escape to and discover on their own. We can make better decisions, deciding to let wild places be wild, to make the best use of the land, and preserve the future of these places for those who will be here after us. They will, in kind, make choices following our example in being good stewards of the land and it's inhabitants. The video above is a presentation I get invited to do every so often on Florida's wildlife and culture. It's a tremendous priviledge for me to be asked to teach kids about the natural world. Ask your children's teachers to contact me about my "Florida Nature Program," where I explore the wonders that still survive in our communities with the kids. Children have a curiousity about the natural world that there is no substitute for. Reading and watching television shows about nature are wonderful for children, but will never have the same impact as the reality of hands-on experience.


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Wade Sutherlin